Cosmoledo Giant Trevally

Cosmoledo Giants!

Join us on a dream fly fishing trip to Cosmoledo Atoll of the Seychelles – the land of the Giant Trevally! This November trip is prime time with perfect neap tides and anglers get the opportunity to fish three atolls during the week, namely Assumption, Cosmoledo, and Astove.



Alphonse Giant Trevally

Alphonse Island

Considered a fly anglers paradise, the Alphonse group of atolls boasts numerous attributes that make it unique in the enticing world of flats fly fishing. Besides being home to incredibly large populations of Bonefish, there are many other exciting species that provide enjoyment to novice and experienced fly anglers alike.


Litza Salmon

Kharlovka Salmon

The Kharlovka and its sister river the Eastern Litza are two of the world’s most prolific rivers for big Atlantic salmon. Wild and demanding, they provide the biggest challenges along with the biggest silver rewards to be found anywhere. Bring your strongest tackle!

Rynda Salmon

Rynda Salmon

The Rynda is a prolific intimate river with 75 salmon pools fished from the very well appointed Rynda camp situated on its banks. Fly fishers who carefully read the water and consider every cast are rewarded with some of the finest, most varied, salmon fishing anywhere in the world.

Kola Brown Trout

The wild brown trout fishing of the Kola Peninsula is quite extraordinary. We offer weeks throughout the season fishing in tented camps in the wilderness. The wild brown trout programs continue to be a vital part of the ASR Conservation Project allowing us to cover the watersheds of the Kharlovka, Eastern Litza, Rynda & Zolotaya from their source to the sea.

Sea Trout of Patagonia, Rio Gallegos

Patagonia Sea Trout

The rivers of Patagonia offer the very best sea trout fishing in the world. Farlows Travel in association with Solid Adventures offer top class weekly trips to fish the Rio Gallegos from late December to April. Founded in 2002 the camp is a dream destintion for sea trout and the Las Buitreras lodge has everything one can ever ask for in a fishing trip.

Skeena River Lodge Steelhead and Salmon Fishing

Skeena Steelhead

The Skeena River Lodge experience offers fly fishing in the unspoiled wilderness, snow capped mountains and pristine waters of British Columbia. These are the ingredients for that perfect cast at Skeena River Lodge. Whether seeking the elusive steelhead, or one of the five species of magnificent Pacific salmon, every fish, every river has its own character and the next one is even more beautiful then the last!